How I Can Support Your Journey?

All of us are in different places in our journey. However, I have found that most paths to alignment lead inward. With over a decade of experience in energy work, coaching, and reprogramming - you'll find a unique set of offerings to help you get aligned.

Let's embark on a transformative journey toward more connected and mindful you.

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Change the Way You Speak

Start Enjoying Deeper Connections

Choosing the right words can make or break an opportunity for connection. Communication Essentials is for anyone who wants to feel more connected in their relationships without having to investing a ton of time (that they don't have). This course will teach you how to 

  • Speak with more clarity
  • Speak with more confidence
  • Speak with more compassion
  • Choose your words more mindfully
  • Share your feelings without letting your emotions get the best of you
  • Be a better listener and help others feel more validated
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Exploring Mindfulness

Conscious Coaching (60 min)

Who is This For? 
This session is best for focusing on a specific situation. Think of this as a coaching/ consulting session. You describe the challenge you are having and together we will deconstruct the situation, reset your mindset, and focus on a path forward.

Session Time: 60 min ($250) 

Description | Session Overview:

  1. We will open the session by discussing your current situation (coaching/consulting).
  2. Together we will work on deconstructing the current challenges through the lens of mindfulness and spiritual psychology.
  3. Create a blueprint for a specific outcome you can work towards in the next 30 days.
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Conscious Connections

Free Course

Learn how to mindfully communicate in all your relationships. Often times we are looking for connection, but our communication practices are creating disconnection. These techniques can be applied as soon as you're ready!

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You're not a bad meditator, you're just stuck in judgment. Moving out of your head and into the present moment can be simple. Join me for guided meditations to meet an aligned and more mindful you.

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weekly episodes


This short-form podcast has episodes that run from 10-15 minutes. Allowing you to squeeze them into your busy schedule each week. I cover topics like relationships, mindset, mindfulness, and psychology.

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Nervous System Reset

If I could go back to the beginning of my mindfulness journey, I would put equal amounts of time into my rewiring my BODY (nervous system) as I did in rewiring my  mind.

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Peaceful Playlists

The right music can help with flow when you are writing, working, relaxing. Here are some of my favorite Spotify playlists

A Different Approach
to Mindful Living

Unlike traditional personal development coaches, my approach combines the masculine energy of science (data) with the feminine energy of spiritual psychology. I believe all human beings are made up of both energies (masculine and feminine). You need BOTH of them to be your WHOLE self.

Culture and society often create gender constructs that have us lean more towards one over the other. For example, I have had many male clients who are comfortable in their masculine energy of "doing" and "getting things done." However, their relationships are limited because of their inability to examine or communicate their emotions. There are various things that influence whether you will nurture your "analytical mind" or tap into your "subconscious mind." The goal is to have the two be integrated so you can learn when you are living in flow and when you are in resistance (which often creates suffering).

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Not Sure Where to Begin?

Book a FREE Clarity Call (15 min)

These calls are designed to address ONE specific challenge you're having with your communication. I will then apply the Mindless to Mindful blueprint and give you steps to take to make the change you're looking for.

This costs you nothing but your time and energy. Actually, maybe it does cost you one more thing ‚ÄĒ courage. It takes courage to say you want something to change. Are you ready to make those changes.

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