how i got here—


Born and raised in Southern California, my first-generation parents set me up for the “American Dream.” At an early age, academia became a focus for upward mobility and success. Finishing my graduate program in my early twenties, I was ready to take on a career in marketing and event planning in Los Angeles. However, the “American Dream” I had worked so hard to achieve began falling apart. From getting laid off to having to defer my student loans, rock bottom became an unplanned destination as I battled mental health issues. 

I found myself living back in my childhood bedroom. Back at my old college job. Back at the place I fought so hard to leave. I did "everything right." I checked all the boxes I was told to check...ever since I was a kid. Then I started questioning everything and asking myself the hard questions. Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What's important to me?

This is when my spiritual awakening really began. I read every possible self-help book, became a Reiki practitioner, and started learning about this thing called "mindfulness."

Becoming a teacher and establishing a career in higher education was the last place I ever imagined myself to be. But I enjoyed teaching young adults how to communicate in their interpersonal relationships, it was rewarding.


Leaving Academia

In 2016, I began venturing outside academia by stepping on the TEDx stage, inviting the audience to question their societal conditioning around happiness and success. In 2018, I founded the “Institute for Empowerment,” to teach busy professionals how to integrate mindfulness into their mindset, communication, and relationships so they can live in more alignment. Since then I have been invited to speak on stages for conferences, corporations, and universities. 


Why I Do This Work

We are often taught how to make a living but not how to build a life. As a result, we often get caught up in the “doing” of life and unsure of how to “be” in our lives. We have become “human-doings” not “human-beings.” We are taught to look outward for answers, not inward. 



Fun Facts About Me...

  1. I absolutely love traveling to different countries and learning about new cultures.
  2. There is something about outer space I find fascinating. I love staring up at the night sky on a clear night.
  3. Nature is my favorite place to go when I need to recharge. Preferring the mountains and forest for hikes.
  4. Libraries are one of my favorite places to sit and get creative work done. The books give me superpowers.
  5. I love cinematography and film scores - there's something magical about how movies are made.

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