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Mindful Communication—

Hello, I'm Melanie Whitney

Many people may refer to me as a mindset or life coach, but I see myself as a surgeon for the soul - helping clients remove the emotional blockages that are preventing them from living in alignment and achieving their goals.

With over a decade of experience as a Communication Studies professor, I studied the nuances of the ways we communicate and behave in relationships. While there is much to be learned from the social sciences, I found there to be a gap when it came to developing the self-awareness needed to apply these tools. 

This is why I began to incorporate spiritual psychology in what I do. Teaching your conscious mind tools is not enough. We also need to reprogram your subconscious mind to create lasting changes. It's important to connect your mind, body, and soul when you want to live in alignment.

I have had the privilege to speak on stages for LinkedIn, TEDx, and United States military. But my journey to get here was full of challenges. For years, I battled with anxiety, crippling perfectionism, and feeling unfulfilled by my "success."

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Services & Programs

Ready to live with more awareness, resilience, and alignment?
Explore how to apply mindfulness to your communication, relationships, and mindset. 

Change Your Relationships

6-Week program for those who are ready to transform the way they communicate during conflict. This course will give you the awareness, confidence, and skills to navigate conflict in relationships more mindfully.

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1:1 Private Coaching

Are you ready to build the life you have been wanting to live and stop getting in your own way? Send in your application.

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Parenting Mastery Library

Join Melanie and Dr. Shefali to learn how to apply conscious communication with your children. You'll also receive over 25 hours of video content of global experts such as Dr. Gabor Maté, Gabby Bernstein, and so many more!

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Free Resources

Check out all the free resources below to start implementing more mindfulness into your communication, mindset, and relationships. 

Mindful Mornings

Too many of us start our morning getting sucked into our devices. Checking e-mail, scrolling through social media, all before getting out of bed. Try this FREE guided morning meditation designed for those who are new to meditating.

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Better Communication Guide

Learn how to mindfully communicate in all your relationships. Often times we are looking for connection, but our communication practices are creating disconnection.

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Podcast: Quick Teachings

This short-form podcast has episodes that run from 10-15 minutes. Allowing you to squeeze them into your busy schedule each week. I cover topics like relationships, mindset, mindfulness, and psychology.

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