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Modalities We May Use

Just as a surgeon uses various tools to heal the body, I use various techniques to help clients heal the invisible (yet important) parts of themselves: your mind, emotional body, and soul.

  • Mindfulness¬†
  • Guided Meditation & Breathwork
  • Hypnotherapy¬†
  • Reiki (Energy Healing)
  • Life & Success Coaching
  • Timeline Therapy & Techniques
  • Trauma Informed Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Background Overview:

  • Interpersonal Communication Studies Professor
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, TIME Techniques, Life & Success Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Mindful Meditation, and EFT (Energy Tapping)
  • Reiki III Practitioner¬†

A Different Approach
to Mindful Living

Unlike traditional personal development coaches, my approach combines the masculine energy of critical thinking with the feminine energy of intuition and emotional awareness. I believe all human beings are made up of both energies (masculine and feminine). You need BOTH of them to be your WHOLE self.

Culture and society often create gender constructs that have us lean more towards one over the other. For example, I have had many male clients who are comfortable in their masculine energy of "doing" and "getting things done." However, their relationships are limited because of their inability to examine and/or communicate their emotions. There are various things that influence whether you will nurture your "analytical mind" or tap into your "intuition." The goal is to have the two be integrated so you can learn when you are living in flow and when you are in resistance (which often creates suffering).

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What is the Coaching Process Like?

Preparing For the Session

The very first step is getting to know where you are currently and where you want to go. I will have you fill out a questionnaire to and some activities to help us uncover current obstacles. 


The coaching sessions will take place online via video conferencing. Together we will explore your questions and build out the blueprint for your goals over the next 3-6 months. Each session is roughly 45-60 minutes.

Post-Session Work

Each coaching call will end with action items for you to complete. You will have your own portal where all your session notes, action items, and resources will exist in one convenient place.

Client Testimonials

Soi, Entrepreneur

Melanie, was my first 1:1 online teachers in English (my second language). At first, I was so worried how we'd for 45 minutes! She helped point out what I really needed and  graciously guided me through the steps to further my new business. I know that if I hadn't been courageous, I would still have all the doubts I had before. Now, I have more confidence, creativity and joy as I advance my business. 

Vince, Chief Experience Officer

I was hesitant at first, but Melanie created a warm and supportive environment that allowed me to feel comfortable and open to learning. I was able to work through challenges and limiting beliefs that were holding me back as a leader. The skills I learned have had a profound impact on my relationships at work and home. The focus on living in the present and understanding my thoughts was a game-changer for me.

Steven, Entrepreneur

Thank you for helping me during pivotal life changes. My business was growing, but my personal life was stagnant. Melanie helped me find more alignment, letting go of certain things that weren't serving me. I didn't think so much could change in a few months, but I feel like a different person. I'm so happy I invested in myself and love the new confidence I have.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?


Ready to Make Change

  • You may feel unsure of what step to take next,¬†but¬†you know something has to change. You are¬†open¬†to being guided outside your comfort zone.

Ready to Evolve

  • You are committed to your self-growth and want to grow. You understand the benefit of deepening¬†your¬†self-awareness.

Ready to Live in Alignment

  • Change takes time, energy, and a financial investment in yourself. You are ready to make a commitment and¬†show up for yourself.¬†

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