Mindless to Mindful

Mindless to Mindful

Hosted by: Melanie Whitney

Melanie Whitney has been a Communication Studies Professor for over a decade, people how to mindfully communicate in their relationships. In 2018, she started the Institute For Empowerment, creating training and...


Letting Go of Disappointment & Moving Forward

Season #1 Episode #13

Have you ever experienced disappointment? Perhaps you didn't get that promotion you were hoping for, or your relationship didn't work out as planned. Disappointment is a natural part of life, but it can also be...
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Improving Your Relationships: Love Mapping

Season #1 Episode #12

 Life is busy and sometimes we overlook the people who are closest to us. We take the longevity of the relationship or their consistent presence for granted. This can unconsciously create some invisible separation in...
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Personal Evolution: The Art of Allowing Change

Season #1 Episode #11

This week's episode we will talk about how we can be resistant to change in ourselves and others. Why do we keep putting ourselves in boxes we will inevitably grow out of? How can we leave more room for change? We...
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The Drama Triangle: How to Recognize and Change Negative Relationship Patterns

Season #1 Episode #11

In this episode, we dive into the concept of the drama triangle and how it can manifest in our relationships. The drama triangle creates a cycle of blame, guilt, and co-dependency that can be emotionally draining and...
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Can Death Help You Be Mindful?

Season #1 Episode #10

In this episode, we will explore our feelings about death and how it may influence our levels of happiness. In addition, we explore Ric Elias's experience on the US Airways flight, known as the Miracle on the Hudson,...
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Why Your New Year Resolutions Fail

Season #1 Episode #9

Often we get excited about the New Year because it feels like a fresh start. So why do we fall off our resolutions before the first quarter of the year is done? In this week's episode, we will cover the main reasons...
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Where Do We Spend Our Time?

Season #1 Episode #8

In America, we say things like “time is money” or “don’t waste my time.” These common phrases reveal how we feel about time - it is scarce, it is valuable, and not to be wasted. But what is so incredibly fascinating...
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Opposing Needs in Relationships

Season #1 Episode #7

 Relationships can be incredible rewarding and incredibly challenging at the same time. As human beings we have needs and they often vary from moment to moment. We often find ourselves in situations where the person...
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Stress, Overwhelm, or Burnout?

Season #1 Episode #6

While many people use these words interchangeably, they are not the same. In this episode, we go over the differences between these words and why it's important to accurately represent your experiences. Perhaps you...
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Perception Checking

Season #1 Episode #5

We have countless of interactions with people throughout our week, not all of them may be pleasant. Today we cover a little bit about how we evaluate other people's behavior and how that affects our perception of...
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Staying Mindful on Weird Days

Season #1 Episode #4

We all have days that are unpredictable, ironic, and a little weird. In this episode, I share a story about a interesting day I had and how it was another lesson in mindfulness. You will never be a master of...
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Empowered Refusal

Season #1 Episode #3

Many of us don't realize how our words are creating mental barriers and adding to our emotional stress. In this episode, we uncover little things you are saying every day that are working against you completing your...
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